Complaint to Woolworths Wish Gift Card

The saga continues. Here is a copy of the complaint I made to

Hi there, I would like to make a formal complaint about the Wish Gift Card. After being urged to purchase a Wish Gift Card at Safeway Newcomb last year, and with a not-insubstantial amount left on the card, I have hence been told by Big W in Geelong that the card has expired. Checking the card against your site, it expired on 26 June 2008. Point 1: I was never told that this card expires Point 2: The card has no expiry date printed on it Point 3: What happens to the leftover money? I assume that Woolworths simply absorbs this. At the current CPI, the $100 I “purchased” in 2006 would now be worth around $106, not to mention the fact that there’s still over $20 left on the card. Nice going – that’s a 26% return! Obviously I will not be purchasing a Wish Gift Card again, and will be telling all of my friends about my poor experience. Regards, Kathy

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  1. I am of the opinion that if you had read the back of said card, there would be a date of issue. Also on the back is a small list of ‘Terms of use’. Usually when one purchases something, they would look at said terms of use, to understand how it works. If you looked at the card, you would notice that term number 3 states in no uncertain terms that “3. This card and any unspent value expires 12 months from date of purchase. Our record of your expiry date is final.”

    I apologise for your inconvenience but this seems to be a work of your own doing. Please don’t complain about something you do not have knowledge of next time.

    PS- If you decide to question my sources, I actually happen to have a wish gift card on me at this very moment.

    • J. Smith.
  2. No John, you’re wrong. If you’d read my post correctly you would have realised that the fact there wasn’t a date of issue on the card was a key factor in the complaint. Also, I would like to question whether you read the terms and conditions of every card or similar offer which is made to you? I fear not.

    I find your comments incredibly ill-informed to be honest; you seem to imply that I’m stupid or ignorant when nothing could be further from the truth. You also do not address my argument that it is the responsibility of the card issuer to clearly indicate the date of expiry of the card – a responsibility which was not fulfilled in my case.

    I am curious however – is the date of issue printed or hand written on your gift card?

    Also, your IP address seems to be part of a promotional marketing spam. I wonder whether your only reason for posting is to get referral traffic and make money from an affiliate scheme – in which case your comments can be duly ignored…..

  3. Hello, I would like to make a complaint about the $30 Woolworths Gift Card my daughter received for her birthday. When we went to use the gift card to purchase her item, the assistant explained that the card had not been activated. Result being that she could not use it. I was shocked. He suggested that it had been stolen. I assured him that my daughters’ friends (aged 9 and 10) were not thieves. He then suggested that the card had been purchased through the automatic self check-out and had been paid for, but the card wasn’t activated. He suggested I ask my daughter’s friend for the receipt. I explained that there were over 22 children at her party and I had no idea who gave her the card. To cut a long story short, I had my daughter in tears and no amount of pleading with Woolworths would persuade them to honour the card. I have two concerns. My first concern is the fact that Woolworths would not do the right thing by my daughter and allow her to use the card which had been paid for to purchase her item. Secondly, and probably most importantly, is the fact that Woolworths have designed their self-service check-out machines to allow customers to naively leave their store having paid for an unactivated gift card. If Woolworths really really wanted to, they would program their self-service check out computers to display a message on their computer screens that says somethings like “THIS CARD NEEDS TO BE ACTIVATED. PLEASE SIGNAL TO OPERATOR” and not allow you to proceed any further with the transaction. This would eliminate this problem. Of course, the reason why Woolworths do not have this message is because they stand to gain millions of dollars every year taking advantage of people. Is this anyway to treat your customers? I am not interested in the terms and conditions. This is not a legal issue. It is deliberate unethical business practice. Shame on you Woolworths. I will not longer be shopping at your store.

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