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Tricia’s Canada Jumper in Paton’s Inca

Tricia is off to Canada in a week or so – and I wanted to knit her something that was warm, but versatile for the trip. Having recently finished the One Piece Jumper using Paton’s Inca, and being very happy with the outcome, Inca was again my tool of choice. Tricia chose the 2 x 2 rib jacket – a collared pattern with a jacket zipper in the front so that it can be worn either closed or open. The jacket is more versatile than a jumper – and would be better for travelling.All the individual pieces of the pattern knitted up OK. The sewing up was also straightforward until the collar. The tension for the collar was difficult to determine, and I had to unpick and resew it twice – I’m still not happy with it! If I had to do the pattern again I would probably pick up stitches after sewing together the front, sleeves and back – and knit the collar from picked up stitches.

The length of the pattern was also puzzling – Tricia is 5′ 0″ so shorter than most people – and the length given in the pattern was the perfect length for her. Therefore if I were knitting this for someone 5′ 9″ or so, I’d add another foot to the length!

Tricia’s Canada jumper - rear viewTricia’s Canada jumper - front view