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Designing my first jumper pattern using software design principles

I have some Paton’s Inca in a beige blend (the same colour that the One Piece Jacket was done in) but I can’t find exactly the sort of pattern that I want to knit, so it’s time to design my first jumper. I’m an information systems major rather than a textiles major, so I decided to apply software engineering principles to designing my jumper.

So, first of all, requirements elicitation. The business requirements of the jumper are;

  • The jumper must accentuate my “assets” while downplaying any not-so-desirable attributes
  • The jumper must fit, and should have plenty of stretch
  • The jumper should be easy to maintain
  • The jumper’s cost should be less than $150

Translating the business requirements into functional requirements;

  • The jumper will have a v-neck that is 2o cms deeper than the top of my shoulder and shaping will begin 8 cms in from the shoulder. The v-neck accentuates the bust while drawing attention away from the hips and gives room for movement
  • The jumper will be knitted in 1 x 1 rib to give shaping and stretch
  • The jumper will have slight increase to allow for large bust and decreases for waist, possible increase for hips
  • The jumper will have sleeves that finish 10 cm below the elbow (my preferred sleeve length)
  • Paton’s Inca is $6 at Lincraft or $5.40 at K-mart (unless I can twist Damo‘s arm to get ACS to offer bulk packs cheaper). Therefore, the pattern must take less than 26 balls of yarn if I buy them at K-mart.

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One Comment

  1. Gillian
    Gillian Fri June 20, 2008

    Hi Kathy
    Unless you are wanting to design a pattern as a systems exercise 😉 there are quite a few places that can help you.
    There is the book, which I own, called Big Girl Knits which gives detailed info about working out sizes to fit properly. (I could lend this to you or bring it to the next knitting group night in Geelong)
    There has also been a recent series of pieces in the Knitting Daily newsletter – one reference is here on measuring and the most recent ones have been on bust darts to help with fitting neatly
    Hope this gives you some ideas, have fun with it anyway

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