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Jen’s Open Star Stitch Beanie

I wasn’t sure what to do with the wool left over from Tricia’s Canada Jumper. 8 skeins is not enough to do a whole other garment, and given that the shade of Paton’s Inca that I’m using (7005) is not being produced this season I felt it better to use up the yarn rather than purchase more.

The result is an Open Star Stitch Beanie for Jen, and an Open Star Stitch Scarf to match (still a WIP).

The basis of open star stitch is;

Cast on a multiple of 3 stitches

  1. On R1, knit 4. Cast off the second stitch that was knitted. Yfwd (to increase), knit 3. Cast off the first of the three knitted stitches by passing the stitch over the needle. Repeat until 1 stitch remains, knit 1
  2. On R2, purl
  3. On R3, knit 2, yfwd. Knit 3, cat off the first of the three knitted stitches by passing the stitch over the needle. Repeat until 2 stitches remain, knit 2
  4. On R4, purl

Using Paton’s Inca with standard gauge, the pattern goes like this;

  • Cast on 50 stitches on 7mm straight needles (I tried knitting this on circulars, but my 7mm circs are too long. Could be adjusted for circs)
  • Knit 1, purl 1 rib until fabric measures 8cm deep
  • On the next row, knit 3, inc 1 by knitting stitch and passing it back on to left needle
    UPDATE: To clarify this means knit 3, then cast on one stitch by knitting the stitch, moving the stitch back to the left needle then knitting it again. This can cause a small eyelet to be created – if you prefer then use another method of increasing here such as knitting front and  back.
  • Should have 63 stitches.
  • Continue in Open Star Stitch as above for a further 15 cm.
  • On the next row, knit.
  • On the next row, k2tog, repeat until end. Continue rows of k2tog until single stitch remains.
    UPDATE: Some knitters who have knitted this pattern report that this method of decreasing puckers the top of the beanie too much. The effect is more apparent with bulkier yarns. Alternatively here you could work as per the pattern for 12 cm, then work 1 row of *k2tog, k1* – at the end of this row you will have 42 stitches. Purl the next row. On the 3rd row of decreasing, work in open star stitch. Row 4 is purl. Row 5, work *k2tog, k1* – 21 stitches remain. Purl the 5th row. On the 6th row, work in open star stitch. Row 6 is purl. On Row 7, *k2tog k1* – 14 stitches remain. On row 8, purl. On row 9, *k2tog*, 7 stitches remain. On row 10, *p2tog*, p1 – 4 stitches remain. On row 11, k2tog, row 12 is P2tog – 1 stitch remains.
  • Sew edges together with wrong sides facing, then sew in ends and turn inside out.

Jen\'s Open Star Stitch beanie in Paton\'s Inca

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  1. Miss 376
    Miss 376 Sat June 28, 2008

    That looks really pretty. I have some yarn left over from a jumper that I needed a proect for, this looks perfect

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