Ruby’s Oriental Lily dress and scarf

It’s been cold and frosty, so obviously wonderful knitting weather! I’m bored to tears with the Lift and Separate, so have been doing a miriad of side projects  such as the Stolen Moments wrap. This looks deceptively simple – a drop stitch / increase openwork pattern. However, I had to rip it back a marathon 7 times as my mind wandered and drops and increases were put in the wrong spot – one wrong stitch and the whole pattern is messed up. The yarn choice for the Stolen Moments was ‘Mousse’ by Moda Vera – a soy / wool blend. Mousse is lovely – the only drawback is that it’s quite felty – not exactly what I wanted for this project – but incredibly warm. Surprise surprise the chosen colour was a lovely warm beige 🙂

To show off the lace pattern, the finished article was blocked (on a foam pilates mat using dressmakers’ pins!) and left to dry. It opened up a little, but it may need to be blocked again as it’s quickly closed up again.

Stolen Moments Wrap

So, this means I’d get straight back to the Lift and Separate, right…. sadly no 🙁

Tikki’s Oriental Lily pattern is absolutely gorgeous – but not having smellyannoying stinky whingy adorable children myself, chose to knit it for a friend’s daughter – 4 year old Ruby. Ruby is much taller than most 4 year olds, and the pattern only goes up to 2 year old sizing, so the following alterations were made to the pattenr;

  • The chosen yarn was a 10 ply yarn – Panda Zoomy. The pattern was sized using 8 ply and when I swatched the 10 ply knitted almost double the 10 ply. That worked out well because the newborn pattern size when doubled is exactly the measurements for a large four year old!
  • The arms in the Oriental Lily pattern have increases to flare the sleeves. After chatting with Ruby’s Mum, we both decided that flared sleeves on a boisterous four year old were a bad idea, so I did tapered ones instead
  • I used the contrast yarn to do a cuff on both the sleeves and the hem of the skirt, which itself was much longer than the pattern, and the cuff helped it to drop
  • With the leftover yarn I whipped up a simple stockingette scarf (a very useful accessory for a four year old who is interested in fairy princesses)!

Oriental Lily Dress Oriental Lily swatchRuby's Oriental Lily Dress and Scarf

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  1. hi, just wondering how many balls you used, and if you know of any good knitting patterns for Zoomy that only use 1 or 2 balls? Cheers, J

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