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Silkwinter jumper

To save myself from going stark raving bonkers studying for my MBA (Computing), I’ve been knitting in between study sessions. This jumper had been on needles since about January, and time was rapidly running out to be able to wear it this winter.

The design is very simple – it’s a top down raglan, with the sleeves held on stitch holders while the bodice is knitted. As I’m pretty curvy, I used short row shaping for the bust, then used stitch holders evenly spaced (two on the front about a third in on either side and two on the back but slightly closer to centre) to mark decreases for the waist. Because I’m bottom heavy, the hips fan out quite a lot, using the same markers from the wait decreases. While the cuffs of the sleeves are done in a simple 2 x 2 rib, the bottom band and the neckline are done in double crotchet so that they sit flat without adding a lot of texture or bulk.

Overall I’m very happy with this effort – although it’s a closer fit than I would have liked! Never mind, hopefully it will be a looser fit next winter!

The yarn chosen is Lincraft’s Silky – I don’t think it’s made any more – which is a good thing. Although the end result is pleasing, it has to be one of the worst yarns ever. There were up to 6 joins per 50g ball, and it did shed a bit, which is to be expected given the amount of microfibre content.