ASUS gBook A1050 not booting – and how to fix it

My sister recently bought herself an ASUS gBook A1050. It’s a pretty low-powered netbook, with around 2GB of DDR RAM, running Android 2.2 (Froyo). After trying to install a number of applications on it – to no avail – I rebooted the machine and when it started, it simply hung at the ‘gBook’ startup screen. To fix the issue, here’s what I did;

The next challenge was the App Store – now Google Play.

  • I encountered more difficulty here – a search for ‘Dropbox’ in the App Store returned nothing – so I had to download the .apk for Dropbox and manually install.
  • I tried the same trick with the .apk for Google Play, but it keeps crashing on the gBook.

All in all a very negative experience with the gBook – unfortunately the first negative experience I’ve had with an ASUS 🙁