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Month: September 2012

Open Source Systems – Enablers and barriers to the use of open educational resources in Africa

Jean-Paul van Belle Jean-Paul outlined a number of barriers to the adoption of open educational resources (OERs) in Africa, and the body of research he and his team had done to validate this. They concluded that; Technology – Internet access is still an issue in many parts of Africa. OERs…

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Open Source Systems – Keynote #6 – Carol Smith on Google’s Summer of Code programme

Carol Smith opened her keynote talk by providing a brief history of her life with Google; she started as a journalism graduate, and now runs the Google Open Source Programs office, which oversees all open source code used internally at Google, ensuring compliance with the relevant open source licenses. Part…

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Open Source Systems – Keynote #4 – Mark Gayer on Microsoft’s Open Source Initiative

Mark Gayer opened his keynote by stating that it was unusual for Microsoft to be at an open source conference; he then went through a number of slides outlining how Microsoft is engaging with the open source community. Mark’s job is to travel the world, speaking and helping people understand…

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