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Tag: dataviz

Linux Australia expense breakdown – a data visualisation in d3.js

The source code for this data visualisation is available on GitHub See the full visualisation here You can even download the svg file if you want to After learning a lot of new techniques and approaches (and gotchas) in d3.js in my last data visualisation (Geelong Regional Libraries by branch),…

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Geelong Libraries by branch – a data visualisation

At a glance See the finished data visualisation here Get the source code for the data visualisation over on GitHub Get the original open data from Geelong Regional Libraries Corporation Introduction Geelong Regional Libraries Corporation (GRLC) came on board GovHack this year, and as well as being a sponsor, opened…

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Valentine’s Day: A data visualization to learn Chords in d3.js

One of my learning goals this year was to really understand d3.js, and become more proficient in creating interactive data visualizations. In turn, this lead me to attempting to learn and analyse Chord diagrams. Chord diagrams visualize relationships either unilaterally or bilaterally. For example, they have been used to show…

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